Wedding Transportation

Many couples fail to think outside the box when it comes to wedding day transportation. They simply price limousine services to find the least expensive and choose that option. While a limousine is appropriate it is also quite common. Anyone wanting the event to stand out should think creatively. In this article there is a list of transportation issues to consider beforehand and alternative ideas that many don't think about.

Wedding transportation should be arranged six months to one year in advance (wedding planning timeline). It needs to be done after the ceremony and reception location are arranged and also after the number of attendants has been decided. A large part of wedding transportation involves logistics. Considerations must be made to transport a certain number of people from point A to point B, and the length of time needed.

The first consideration is transferring the bridal party from the location they will dress at, to the ceremony. It is customary to transport all women (and girls) and the bride's parents to the event together. If the bridal party is too large, multiple trips can be planned and coordinated as long as they are discussed with the driver beforehand. The groom and groomsmen arrange their own transportation to the ceremony and this is generally not contracted out.

After the ceremony there are no rules. Many couples choose to have the entire party transported but it is acceptable to only transport the bride and groom or the couple and the best man and maid of honor. If the entire party will be transported multiple trips or vehicles may be necessary. Once all are present and accounted for the topic of transportation is over.

With the logistics taken care of begin searching for a service provider. Check the budget worksheet to see how much money has been allowed for transportation. Options can be pricey, especially if a stretch limo, Hummer or SUV is used to transfer a large group. Classic or vintage vehicles are a great option. Other options include: a party bus, a horse driven carriage, a boat, a snowmobile, a motorcycle and side car, a hot air balloon or anything that fits with the overall theme of the wedding. A personal vehicle is completely acceptable and will cost nothing.

Ask service providers about package deals which can include champagne or transportation at the end of the evening. Carefully review the contract before signing it. Be certain it states the date, time, costs, any extras agreed to, the driver's name and attire, and also the cancellation or refund policy.


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