Wedding Reception

Choosing a reception location involves more than making sure it is large enough for all the guests. This location will hold the majority of the day's festivities and it is important to be sure there is adequate room to eat, dance, socialize, and do the many other fun activities that accompany a wedding reception.

Many couples find that large hotels, ball rooms, or halls work best because everything needed is on site. Many reception locations provide the services of a wedding coordinator to work with the couple. Hotels are ideal because overnight accommodations can be made easily and will not require extra planning.

The wedding reception venue should be chosen as soon as possible, especially for those needing to accommodate a large number of guests, or for weddings held during the busy season (wedding planning timeline). An estimated number of guests will be needed to ensure the building is large enough to support the number. The reception budget should be figured before a venue is booked because it will impact location options. Having an off season wedding should be considered because rates will be much lower during this time.

A deposit will be required to reserve the venue for the date and this is generally non-refundable. It is important to understand the cancellation policy clearly as it could involve losing more than the deposit. Discuss arrival and departure times and be certain all elements planned can be accommodated during this time period.

There are many other possible reception locations available. They will vary in terms of space, price and amenities, so it is important to pay attention when visiting any venue that will be considered. Smaller receptions can be held at home, a museum, a garden, or park. While these spaces are smaller, details will need to be coordinated by someone. Do not forget to ask for assistance, even if that means hiring a wedding coordinator.

While looking at reception locations, try and plan the space, and vision how it will be set up for the reception. Consider where dining will take place, dancing, where the guest book and place cards will be. Also be sure to look for a secure location for gifts, pick an area or stage for musicians and be certain there are plenty of electrical outlets handy for the musicians and in the food area.

The photographer may want to know about lighting and whether a suitable location for wedding party photos is available. Also find out where the thermostat is so the temperature can be controlled during the event. Any reception that is planned outdoors will either need large tents, or a back-up, in case of inclement whether which could add to costs.


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