Wedding Flowers and Decorations

The key to successful wedding flowers and decorations is planning. There are no rules when it comes to flowers, so it is really about what the couple desire and can afford. Options are limited only by your imagination and even the most outrageous floral arrangements can be made to fit practically any wedding budget. Anyone willing to research will find many options and ideas.

Planning wedding flowers can be an enjoyable experience. Some choose to do their own arrangements while others rent silk arrangements. The bridal party will, more than likely, be happy to assist in choosing or making arrangements and will bring fresh ideas to the table. Some grooms are even happy to help with the choosing and arranging of flowers while others will only be concerned with the cost.

Wedding flowers should be planned six to twelve months prior to the wedding date (wedding planning timeline). The flowers will need to be considered when wedding attire is chosen so that the two items complement each other. Bridal magazines are filled with pictures of bouquets so that is a good place to start formulating ideas. Think about the different varieties that will be in season at the wedding date and choose flowers that are readily available to keep cost under control.

Aside from boutonnieres, corsages, and bouquets, flowers and decorations can be used as part of the ceremony and the reception. Decorations and flowers should be considered for the ends of pews, on the alter, the cake and gift table, the wedding party table and the food table. All of this will add to cost but will also add to the beauty and creativity of the event.

If cost is an issue the bridal bouquets can be used as table decorations at the reception. Another option is to use balloons or candles as centerpieces. Pew bows and flower arrangements are quite easy to make even for those that have never done them before. Using more tulle, greenery, and baby's breath in arrangements will also keep cost down.

Once the planning is finished find a florist or make the arrangements. For those using a florist remember to select a florist early because there is a limit to how much even accomplished florists can handcraft. Go over the contract carefully before signing it to be sure the number and type of flowers, arrangements, and delivery details are clearly specified. Record the deposit amount and discuss and decide a payment schedule.


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