Wedding Gowns, Wedding Dresses, and Other Attire

Men have it fairly easy in aspects of wedding attire. They can where a rented tuxedo or suit and only need to return all pieces in good condition after the event. They can also purchase a new suit or tuxedo for the event. Unfortunately women are not so lucky. A bride will spend hours looking for the perfect gown, poring over bridal magazines in search of the perfect look. After a dress is found she can look forward to possible weight loss and months of fittings to get the dress to fit properly. After this she will have to pick out any accessories needed. Selecting wedding attire is something that cannot be avoided. Even those headed to Vegas or the country courthouse will want to look nice on this occasion.

Wedding attire needs to be found well in advance (wedding planning timeline). This is especially true for weddings held in peak season. The wedding clothes should be planned as soon as the budget is decided. Most women already understand finding the perfect wedding gown will take months. Many of them already know the style of wedding dress they want because they have been planning this occasion for many years. Most brides will still spend 4 to 6 weeks shopping, trying on, and pondering wedding attire before it is purchased.

After all of this, ample time must be left for special ordering and custom fitting. Approximately 3 fittings will be needed to ensure the dress looks absolutely perfect on the wedding day. It is a good idea to allow extra time for unexpected delays and emergencies.

Most brides will devote a specific amount of the wedding planning budget to the dress and accessories. This amount is usually considerable. This is many times unnecessary as it is quite possible to look stunning without spending thousands of dollars. How much will be spent is a very important decision, that should be discussed, agreed on and followed through. The bride will be the center of attention and will have her photo taken hundreds of times so it is normal to want to look better than ever on this special day.

First discuss what type of wedding is wanted by both parties. Possibilities include: elegant, informal, themed, seasonal, outdoors, or something else. The attire chosen by the bride and groom will set the tone for the entire wedding including: guest attire, color scheme, decorations, invitations, flowers, venues, transportation and other items.

Other accessories may be needed such as a veil, headpiece, train, shoes, undergarments, stockings, garter, handbag and jewelry. Most of this can be ordered with the wedding dress. However, some items will have to be purchased separately. The costs of all these items should be considered when planning the wedding attire budget.

As mentioned before the groom's attire will follow the lead of the bride's. Men need only locate a tuxedo rental outlet or buy a suit 6 to 12 months before the wedding date to ensure adequate time for fitting or alteration. A rented tux or suit will come will all the required accessories including the cummerbund, bow tie, neck tie, vest, cufflinks, button covers and shoes.


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