Pre-Wedding Parties

Not many social events can top a wedding, and particularly the receptions is where the fun really begins. It would be unfortunate to leave out the parties preceding the wedding such as: engagement, bachelor, bachelorette, wedding shower, and rehearsal dinner are a few. These pre wedding celebrations can be a wonderful time also. Below is an explanation of each:

The Engagement Party

A wonderful way to formally announce the engagement of a couple is with an engagement party. The parents of the bride generally host this party a month or two after the couple announces their engagement. There are no set rules for this party and it can be held at home, a restaurant, or really anywhere the host prefers. Engagement parties are intimate and casual in nature. It gives the couple an opportunity to meet family members and close friends of their partner. In cases where the bride and groom's families live a long distant apart it is not uncommon for the groom's family to hold an engagement party also. Gifts are generally not given and invitations can be hand written or verbal. If food will be served an RSVP might be a good idea.

The Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

The stereotypical bachelor party consisting of a wild party full of drinking and strippers has recently given way to more coordinated events. Many of these parties are being replaced by men attending major sporting events or watching them on TV, or spending a weekend together skiing, fishing, taking a short trip, or holding a poker tournament. Bachelor Parties were traditionally held the night before the wedding. In recent years this has changed and these parties are being held weeks or months before the wedding.

For many years the wedding shower was the only party given for the bride. Bachelorette parties have recently become popular. These parties are coordinated by the bridal party and can be just as wild as a bachelor party. They can also involve a simple day at the spa, or a nice lunch with friends.

Another recent development is the couple's party. This is where the bride and groom are given a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party together. This type of party is a great idea because the bride can involve male friends while the groom involves female friends. Where a traditional party would exclude members of the opposite sex the couple's party makes it easy for everyone to come and not feel uncomfortable.

The Wedding Shower

Wedding showers are social events designed to shower the bride and groom with gifts comprised of things that will be needed in the new home together. It is also a way to add to a bride's trousseau. Many showers are themed today, and can be anything from a recipe shower to a camping shower. Many companies selling Kitchen ware's also provide specific parties for Bridal Showers. Wedding showers should be held a few weeks prior to the wedding and only people invited to the wedding should be invited to the shower. Some couple's are lucky enough to have multiple wedding showers.

Rehearsal Dinner

The rehearsal dinner is an informal dinner held after the wedding rehearsal. The wedding party is generally the only people invited to this dinner. It is held early in the evening to allow for adequate rest and is generally held at the home of the bride or groom, at a parent's home or a restaurant.


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