Selecting a Ceremony Location

The ceremony is where the bride and groom unite their lives and become one. Choosing a location for this seems like a simple task but it is one that requires planning, and coordination. This is especially true if a non-traditional ceremony is being planned.

Many couples choose to hold the ceremony at the religious location of the bride, groom or other family member. In this case selecting the location is easy, providing the date is free. Things become more difficult however, when the bride and groom are of different denominations or have no religious affiliation at all.

This is when the couple must discuss ceremony location options. There are many available locations and the selection must be made at least a year in advance. Those that wait to long to book the ceremony location may be disappointed because it is already booked.

Besides religious locations wedding ceremonies can be held most anywhere such as, at home, at a club, outdoors in a park, on a yacht, at an island destination, a mountaintop retreat, in a historical building, on a cruise and even at Disney World. Anywhere is probably capable of accommodating a wedding ceremony.

Before selecting a ceremony location be certain that it accommodates the needs of the wedding. Considerations should be made on size, electrical outlets, accessibility for those with special needs, and if an officiate is available at the location.

The cost will vary greatly from one location to the next. Be sure to ask what is included with the price when getting a quote. Make sure that all items mentioned are expressly mentioned in the contract. A deposit will generally be necessary to reserve the date and should be reflected in the contract as well as the balance due.

There are other important considerations other than location. Music and vows need special consideration especially for those wishing to break out of the 'traditional' mold. Many times music is included with the location such as a church using its own organist. Those wanting to write their own wedding song and hire a soloist and accompanist to perform can do so if the wedding budget permits. Accompaniment tapes and CD's are also readily available at music stores for those that wish to perform their own music. If someone is hired to perform reserve the talent far in advance, immediately after securing the ceremony location.

Vows can also be written or modified to suit the couple's needs. This puts and extra personal touch on the event. Be certain to give a copy of the vows to the officiate so he knows what to say.


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