The Importance of Wedding Music

There are two aspects of wedding music that must be addressed to plan the occasion. First, is the selection of music and the musicians that will perform during the ceremony. Next is the selection of music for the reception. This area most times is far more relaxed, and pretty much anything goes within reason.

Wedding music should be planned early on in the preparation process (wedding planning timeline). Talented artists are booked quickly and no one wants to end up selecting an inexperienced DJ or musician. The music should be booked as far in advance as possible and the number of musicians or DJ's, along with music selection should be decided six months prior to the wedding day.

For many weddings the music preformed at the ceremony isn't a complicated choice and is controlled by the person in charge of the wedding location. It is pertinent to inquire about any guidelines to music selection played at the ceremony as these could possibly impact the decision. For outdoor ceremonies be certain that electrical connections are present or book live musicians.

Music during the ceremony is used to fill time during non-speaking periods such as guest seating, the procession, and the lighting of the unity candle. The decision is that of the bride and groom and the wedding can easily be designed to fit their needs.

Music played during the reception will determine the success of the event. This is where things can become very complicated. There are a large number of options available for reception music. A live band can be used, a DJ that will play pre-recorded music, and it is possible to buy a CD full of top wedding songs and have a friend act as the DJ.

It is vital that both the bride and groom agree on the type of music played at the reception. There are traditional dances held during the reception such as the father/daughter dance, the cake cutting, the dollar dance and so on. Music will need to be picked for all of these traditional dances. Then there is all the music in between. A certain type of music can be chosen such as Jazz, Country, etc., or a variety of music can be played. This is a key decision because the musician has to know what type of music to bring or prepare for the event.

It is important to book experienced professionals for the event. References should be asked for and checked. It is even advisable to contact the Better Business Bureau. If live talent will be used, arrange to hear a performance before booking. Closely examine the contract before signing to ensure all parties agree on the number of hours music will be provided and that all that has been agreed to is in writing. Be certain to find out the cancellation and refund policy also.


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