Wedding Planning Budget

Money is the most fought about thing in a marriage. The tension surrounding money begins long before the couple says 'I do'. Wedding costs can easily escalate, which is why it is necessary to begin the planning by forming a realistic budget. Once the budget is determined it is pertinent that it is closely adhered to.

The wedding budget does not have to be a bad thing. Planning a wedding without a set budget will guarantee serious financial debt. The key to determining the budget is open, honest communication.

Couples must discuss the vision of their special day. Women many times assume that men don't care about details but that is not necessarily true. It is his day as well and he has family to please also.

Once the excitement of the engagement has passed discuss what is important in regards to the wedding day. Be sure to listen to the other person's feelings. Make a list of what both parties would like, and also absolute necessities. This information will all be needed to allocate the budget.

Once the important details have been decided, it's time to crunch the numbers. Determine how much money is available immediately, can be saved from income and how much (if any) will be given by others. Depending on how distant the date is, a high interest savings account could be considered.

Do not make unrealistic demands on those that may choose to help pay for the event. Take whatever others are willing to contribute graciously. Anger or disappointment is a very immature way of handling the situation.

After the total amount of available funds is determined make a list of all wedding-related expenses and allocate a dollar amount or percentage that can be spent next to each item. This will help when the services are being contracted. Remember if the budget is exceeded in one category, another will have to be scaled back so the budget will balance. Wedding budget worksheets, software and other tools are readily available and should be used immediately!


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