Planning the Honeymoon

Planning a honeymoon is nearly as fun as planning the wedding. Everyone wants their first trip together as husband and wife to be memorable and this leads to the temptation of taking an 'anything goes' approach. After all, it is likely that many cash gifts will be received, so why not?

For one it is important to remember that cash will be needed when the destination is reached, so it is important to use discretion when making the arrangements. Many couples find that it is possible to have a wonderful honeymoon while sticking to a wedding budget.

A honeymoon should be planned as early as possible in the wedding planning stage (wedding planning timeline). This is especially true for those that intend to travel to popular destinations during peak season. At a minimum the funds for the honeymoon should be set aside when the wedding budget is decided.

To determine the right budget it is important to think of possibilities while being realistic. Think of things that both parties enjoy in free time, and places only dreamed of. It is also important to think of what will be done on the honeymoon. Use the Internet or a travel agent to assist in honeymoon destinations and ideas.

Once the destination has been selected begin making travel arrangements. Special deals are available but to find them takes aggressive research. The honeymoon will likely be worth every effort put into it. The best deals don't always involve getting the lowest price, and many times the extras will turn this ordinary trip into the dream honeymoon. Common deals include honeymoon suites with beautiful views, or a welcome fruit basket or bottle of champagne. There are more extravagant bonuses such as, a gourmet meal in the suite or a dinner cruise available so be certain to inform the hotel or resort that this is a honeymoon.

Travel arrangements should be firm three months in advance. It is important to know the destination, and transportation arrangements to and from the airports in both locations. Once the destination is reached the rest of the honeymoon can run its course. Some day trips can be planned in advance, and it is important to remember to check vaccinations and passports if traveling out of the country.

A few weeks before departure, begin gathering the items needed for the honeymoon; camera, film/memory cards, bathing suits, day and evening attire, traveler's checks, tickets, documentation, confirmation numbers for all reservations (include the person's name if possible, and local currency. Set all of these things aside somewhere safe.

As the approaching days become stressful dream of lazily lying around the honeymoon suite with not a care in the world except having to return home!


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