Wedding Rings

A wedding ring is the most visible sign of marriage as it represents eternal life together. These rings have long been a part of history and have not always been made of metal. Ivory, leather, bone and glass along with precious metals have in the past been used to create wedding rings. Shopping for the rings is easily one of the most enjoyable tasks of planning the event. With so many beautiful choices it can also become a bit overwhelming.

Wedding rings should be purchased 4 months before the wedding date (wedding planning timeline). By this time most of the stress inducing items have been decided which will allow for a brief period of relaxation. Shopping for the rings should be an enjoyable relaxing time for the couple to regroup before tensions flare.

Wedding rings are a major purchase because they need to last a lifetime. It is important to stick to the budget even at this time as once shopping begins, you will find the perfect ring, and want it no matter what the price tag says. The rings also need to be practical and fit well. The ring should be loose, but with enough resistance around the knuckle so the ring doesn't easily fall off. Your occupation must be considered, as those that work with their hands can easily knock loose stones and prongs. If machinery is used on a regular basis the ring could possibly pose an injury risk if it is too large.

Trendy rings will be in the forefront at the jewelers, but most want traditional rings. The rings will be worn for a long time and trends will not last that long. Consider what both parties like and remember the wedding band is the only item of jewelry most men wear so let the groom have some say.

Take both people's preferences into thought. If both prefer white gold, yellow gold, platinum or a mixture of any of the above let that help in choice. Gemstones, diamonds, scroll work, and filigree preferences will also assist in decision making. Many couples choose simple bands while other prefer cultural rings. Wedding rings can match or be completely different to show each persons unique style. The decision is totally up to the couple.

Once the rings have been selected, engraving will need to be decided. Engraving is a wonderful way to add a personal message to the ring and it is amazing what can fit into that small space. Be certain to read the receipt before handing over payment, especially when special ordering rings or having them engraved. Also ask about proper care for the rings, and consider insuring the rings.


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