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The wedding day is a day many wait for their entire life. There are many things to do. The days of simple affairs are gone and today the bride and groom call all the shots. Others will try to be involved, but overall the couple makes most of the decisions, of what, when, and how.

It is amazing that large weddings still happen with all the coordination they require. Considering that both parties hold down full time jobs, it's hard to believe that the details can be worked out. A successful wedding comes from planning. Having a good plan starts with selecting the perfect date and ends with arriving at the honeymoon destination; it's the only way to keep nerves from fraying and budgets breaking.

There are many resources available to help plan the wedding day. What works best depends on the couple and their use of the resource after it has been selected. Wedding planning tools range in price, so before one is purchased take a moment to formulate a wedding budget. The budget is critical because it is what will keep those funding the event from going into debt. Every wedding must begin with a budget. The cost will quickly accumulate for a perfect wedding unless they're kept under control from the start.

To determine the budget figure out who will be contributing financially and how much each can contribute. Once the total dollar amount is figured allocate the budget to different aspects of the wedding.

The wedding plans begin with a date. Everyone wants to have a June wedding but with only four or five weekends a month, not all can. The date selected will have a significant impact on the budget. A wedding during the summer will cost far more than one held in the off-season. The date will also impact availability for venues for the ceremony and reception, photographers, florists, caterers, musicians, and possibly even transportation.

Once the budget and date are firm it is time to get busy. Part II will provide a wedding planning timeline of tasks that need to be accomplished in the days weeks and months leading to the wedding day.

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